Arrival Information

After You Arrive in the United States

When you get to your first destination in the United States, you will need to go through customs and immigration. If Denver is your first destination in the United States, it will be in Denver. If you go to another city in the United States first, it will be there. It is important to carry your passport, visa, and I-20 form (for F-1 students) with you, as you will need them when you go through customs and immigration.

Arriving at Denver International Airport (DEN)

When you arrive at Denver International Airport (DEN), you will be in either concourse A, B, or C, and carriers are organized by Terminal East and Terminal West. For most arrivals, you will be directed to take a train to the baggage claim area. Get off the train at the terminal, which is the last stop. After you get off the train, you will need to go up the escalator. At the top of the escalator, you will find yourself in the large main hall of the airport terminal. Look for signs for the baggage claim area for your flight. Here is a detailed map for Denver International Airport.

Transportation to Boulder

It is about 73km (45 miles) from Denver International Airport (DEN) to Boulder. There are several ways to travel from DEN to Boulder. Ground transportation and an information center are located on Level 5, along with baggage claim.

  • Taxi: A taxi trip from DEN to Boulder will cost approximately $89 (plus 15% tip). The taxi pick-up area is located outside of the baggage claim area.
  • Super Shuttle: Super Shuttle offers van service from DEN to any address in Boulder for approximately $35 (plus 20% tip). You can make Super Shuttle reservations in advance on their website or at the airport.
  • Green Ride: Green Ride also offers van service from DEN to any address in Boulder for approximately $38 (plus $5 tip). You can make reservations in advance on their website or at the airport.
  • The RTD SkyRide AB will take you from the Denver International Airport to Boulder for $9. An RTD information booth is located inside Jeppesen Terminal. The RTD SkyRide AB picks up from level 5 of Jeppesen Terminal, outside door 506, island 5. Drivers will help you load and unload your luggage. You can take the bus to Broadway and Euclid Street in Boulder, which is two blocks from the IEC, or ride into downtown Boulder. Once you have your CU student ID, you can take the AB bus to and from Boulder for free. Note for Bear Creek residents: This bus does not go to Bear Creek.