Choosing the right type of housing is an important decision.  Though a little more expensive than surrounding areas, Boulder has much to offer in terms of housing. If you live in Boulder, you will be close to the International English Center and can easily take the bus around the city (Boulder Bus Routes).  If you choose to live in a neighboring city, such as Louisville or Broomfield, you can still take the bus, but it will take more time to travel to the IEC (Metro Denver Bus Routes).

The International English Center (IEC) can help you arrange housing through the University of Colorado Boulder, or you can make your own housing arrangments at an apartment or hotel.

Housing at the University of Colorado Boulder

CU Boulder Residence Halls

These are rooms on campus that you share with CU students. While staying in a residence hall, you will have a meal plan that will allow you to eat at on-campus dining facilities. Please contact us for more information about living in a residence hall: ieccu@colorado.edu.

CU Boulder IEC Bear Creek Apartments

The IEC offers two-bedroom furnished apartments at Bear Creek for IEC students. IEC students living at Bear Creek share an apartment with other IEC students. Each student has his or her own own bedroom and shares a kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Please contact us for more information about IEC Bear Creek apartments: ieccu@colorado.edu.


Apartments can be rented in studio, one-bedroom, two bedroom, or three-bedroom sizes. Furnished apartments come with furniture and cost more than unfurnished apartments, but usually do not include linens, dishes or cooking utensils. However, most apartments are unfurnished and are completely empty when you move in. Rent for an unfurnished one bedroom apartment will be approximately $700-$1500 per month, depending on quality and location. Rent usually does not include the cost of electricity, gas, cable television, Internet, or local phone. More information about renting an apartment can be found at CU's Off-Campus housing site. Useful sites for Boulder area apartment searches include:

Rent College Pads Boulder
Boulder's Craigslist
Housing Helpers
HotPads Boulder
Zillow Boulder


Boulder has a number of hotels with furnished rooms that can be rented weekly.  These are usually more expensive than dormitories and apartments, but can be a good choice for students who are just arriving and have not found more permanent housing. For more information, please visit the Boulder Hotel and Lodging Guide.

Off-Campus Housing Guide for International Students

The main campus has created an off-campus housing guide specifically for international students. A link to the guide is below.