The University of Colorado and downtown Boulder are very close so it is easy to walk around town.  There are sidewalks along most streets and paths along the creeks that will take you around town.  You will see many people walking, running, taking their dog for a walk and biking along the creek paths.  Walking around Boulder is a great way to see the city.  Downtown Boulder even has an outdoor shopping area that is for people only; no cars are allowed!

Riding a Bike

Boulder is an easy city to get around with a bicycle.  There are many paths that you can take around town, up the Boulder Canyon and out east if you want to see some prairie dogs and get some exercise.  Many streets in Boulder also have a bike lane on the far right side.  As you bike around Boulder, you will be joined by CU students riding their bikes, people commuting to work and professional cyclists training for a race! 

Boulder Bike Map

Taking the Bus

Getting around Boulder can be very convenient for students at the International English Center with the RTD Bus System. The IEC is located just west of the CU campus near Broadway Street and downtown Boulder.  Broadway has a major bus stop near the IEC, where students can catch a bus to downtown Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville, Denver, Golden and the Denver International Airport.  There is also a bus stop a couple of blocks from the IEC for the Hop Bus. The Hop Bus goes in a circle in two opposite directions and it takes passengers from the university to the Twenty Ninth Street Mall to Pearl Street Mall and back to the university.

The main bus terminal in Boulder is located at 14th and Walnut Street.  Many buses on Broadway will take students to the bus terminal.  It is also within walking distance (20 minutes) from the IEC.  From the bus terminal, you can go to many spots around Boulder as well as to Niwot, Longmont, Broomfield, Denver, Golden and Nederland. 

Boulder Bus Routes

Denver Metro Bus Website

Driving a Car

If you buy a car while you go to the International English Center, you can park a few blocks away from the school for free. You will need to be careful about parking though because there are some spots that require payment and other spots that only let you park for 2 hours per day.  Be sure to talk to somebody at the IEC to make sure that you park in all-day free parking so that you do not get a ticket.  Otherwise your daily trip to school will become very expensive! 

Sometimes students want to use a car just to drive to the mountains for a day.  In that case, they might rent a car.  There are several places around Boulder that rent cars.  Generally, car rental companies do not rent cars to students who are under 20 years old.  A student who is between the age of 21 and 25 can rent a car but needs to pay an additional fee.  Make sure to bring your passport, credit card and international driver’s license or Colorado driver’s license to the car rental company. 

Students spending many months in Boulder may decide to join the eGo Car Share.  This is a program that allows you to reserve a car and use it for a specified amount of time and price.  This is good for people who want to use a car occasionally but don’t want to buy a car.

eGo Car Share Website

Taking the CU Night Ride

As a CU student, you can get a free ride with the CU Night Ride.  The Safety Ride is not a taxi; it is a ride for you to take at night so that you do not walk alone across campus.  The CU Night Ride will pick you up from campus and take you to another place on campus or to your home if it is near campus.  To schedule a ride, students call the phone number 303-49B-SAFE (303-492-7233) and show their CU student ID to the driver. 

CU Night Ride Website

Taking a Taxi

It is not so common to take a taxi in Boulder compared with a bigger city.  If you do take a taxi, you need to call the taxi company to ask them to pick you up.  There are several taxi companies in Boulder that will take you around the city and to the airport.  You will need to give a 15-20% tip to the taxi driver when you pay.

Take a Lyft or Uber

Many people use rideshare mobile phone apps like Lyft and Uber to travel around many cities in the US, including Boulder. When you request a ride, your driver will automatically get directions to your destination, and you pay for your ride with the debit card or credit card you’ve saved in the app. To use these services, you will need to download the Lyft or Uber app to your mobile phone. You can search for these apps in your mobile phone's app store.

Getting to the Airport

Once you have your CU student ID and bus pass, you can take the AB bus from Broadway Street near the IEC to the Denver International Airport. Without a student ID and bus pass, the AB bus costs $9.

Boulder to Denver International Airport Bus Routes

There are transportation services that will take you to the airport.  One popular service the Super Shuttle which will take you to your destination from the airport with a group of passengers also going to Boulder.  You can call Super Shuttle to have them pick you up and bring you to the airport. The Super Shuttle costs $35. Make sure to tip the driver 20% plus $1-2 for each piece of luggage. 

Super Shuttle

You can also take a taxi or car service to the airport for $110 (plus 20% tip).