Special Grading Options

ESL Credit Program

When registering for courses, letter grading (A, B, C, D and F) is the traditional method for credit and grading. Most credit courses at CU are taken with this option. However, students may select from the following credit and grading options:


Courses taken on a pass/fail basis are NOT noted on class rosters or final-grade lists, nor are instructors notified that you are taking the course pass/fail. You are assigned a grade for the course. A grade of D- or above is converted to a P; an F remains an F. Only the F is calculated as part of your GPA; a grade of P is not counted. Check with your college or school for the restrictions on the number and types of courses that can be taken pass/fail.

No Credit:

You pay full tuition for a no-credit course, but you do not receive a grade. An NC appears on your transcript in place of a grade. No-credit courses do not count toward full-time enrollment for financial aid purposes. Check with your college or school for policies on no-credit status and how it may be used.

See the program academic calendar for special grading deadlines.

Note to Scholarship Recipients:

Students who receive a scholarship for an ESL Credit course must take the course for a letter grade.