Core Courses

Intensive English Program

IEP core courses include 16 hours per week of instruction in language skills: writing, listening and speaking, and reading. Grammar and vocabulary are integrated in each core course. Teachers provide short lectures on new language points. Students engage in individual, pair, and small group activities to practice, review, apply, and expand on skills. Textbooks, adapted texts, authentic materials, and student projects are incorporated throughout.


6 hours per week

This course provides students with the skills needed for effective academic writing. The writing process is emphasized, with particular focus on paragraph and essay development, as well as error correction. Students gain practice in writing clear, concise, well-supported, and accurate communication using summary writing, paraphrasing, quoting, and synthesis. Reading materials provide a basis for developing ideas and models for writing.

Listening and Speaking

6 hours per week

This course helps students improve their oral communication skills in various social and academic settings. Students develop their conversation skills through role-plays, discussions, and vocabulary-building exercises. Lectures, debates, and formal discussions enable students to improve their note-taking skills, listening comprehension, and critical thinking. Oral presentations allow students to develop their public speaking skills, effective body language, and pronunciation.


4 hours per week

This course is designed to assist students in becoming more confident and proficient readers in English. Students explore a variety of reading genres, including newspaper and magazine articles, websites, short stories, novels, university textbooks, and other non-fiction books. Reading skills, such as predicting, skimming, scanning, reading for details, vocabulary-building, inferencing, summarizing, and critical thinking are emphasized. Classroom discussions and exercises allow students to share and debate their ideas about texts.