English as a Second Language for Degree Students

ESLG Program Overview

English as a Second Language (ESL) courses for University of Colorado Boulder degree students and other interested persons are offered through the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies' International English Center with formal oversight from the Department of Linguistics.

ESLG courses, English as a Second Language for Degree Students, are non-intensive and can be taken concurrently with regular undergraduate and graduate degree courses.  The ESLG courses constitute a valuable and needed support service for international students, as well as for foreign-born students who have graduated from American schools. Learning to use a language at the level of proficiency required for successful academic work is an ongoing process which does not necessarily conclude with attainment of a minimally acceptable TOEFL score. This is especially the case for those linguistic skills that are primarily productive, and it is for this reason that the curricular content of the courses targets specifically academic speaking and writing skills.

These credit courses are offered for a grade, which will appear on a student’s official university transcript.  Pass/Fail may be formally requested.  Each ESLG class is worth 2 credit hours, meets 3 hours per week and lasts 10 weeks.  Credit counts toward a student’s GPA but does not count toward graduation.  Credit can also fulfill immigration or financial-aid requirements.

Some courses are in a unique format where students do part of the class work online and part in the classroom. Please read the course description carefully to determine if the course is a “hybrid” offering. Hybrid courses require consistent and dependable Internet access.

See ESLG course information for current tuition prices and detailed descriptions of ESLG courses.

CU-Boulder English Language Screening Test

The English language screening test is available to international students enrolled at the University of Colorado Boulder. The purpose of the test is to assess students’ academic English proficiency and to determine whether students are ready for university-level work.


     - International students in the College of Music must take the screening test.

     - All other international students, both graduate and undergraduate level, should
        check with their college or department about testing requirements.

Schedule – Fall 2014

    - Engineering Students
        August 19, 3-5pm
        Location: IEC, 1030 13th Street, Boulder, CO

     - ITP Students
        August 26, 5:15-7pm
        Location: To be announced

     - All Other Students
        August 21, 3-5pm
        Location: IEC, 1030 13th Street, Boulder, CO


Students, with the exception of students in the Interdisciplinary Telecom Program (ITP), should register online for the screening test by August 10, 2014.

     - Engineering Students Only:

     - ITP Students: Not applicable

     - All Other Students:


Students receive their test results on or before the day of the International Student orientation. Test results will indicate which, if any, courses are recommended or required. Advisers with specific concerns about a student’s assessment should contact Patti Juza. See contact information below.

Make-up Test

For students who arrive to CU-Boulder late, please contact Patti Juza ( as soon as possible to schedule a make-up test.


2-Credit Course (ESLG 1130, 1140, 1210, 1222)

- $595

3-Credit Course (ESLG 1410)

- $892.50


Registration for ESLG courses must be done in person at the International English Center, 1030 13th Street, Boulder, CO, 80302. In order to register, students must present the recommendation form received from the ESLG Coordinator. Tuition is due in full at the time of registration.

CU Faculty and Staff are exempt from the Approval to Register process; they should contact the Bursar’s Office.


Class attendance is critically important both for academic reasons and, in the case of F-1 visa students, for maintaining immigration status.

Non-attendance DOES NOT constitute withdrawal from a course. Students must contact the ESLG Coordinator and officially withdraw from the course through the International English Center; otherwise, a grade of Fail will be recorded on the transcript.  See the ESLG calendar for add/drop dates.

ESLG Contact

Patricia Juza, Director
International English Center
University of Colorado at Boulder
63 UCB
Boulder, CO  80309-0063

Phone: 303-735-3119