ESLG Course Information


ESLG courses, English as a Second Language for Degree Students, are non-intensive and can be taken concurrently with regular undergraduate and graduate degree courses.

These credit courses are offered for a grade, which will appear on a student’s official university transcript. Pass/Fail may be formally requested. Each ESLG class is worth 2 credit hours, meets 3 hours per week and lasts 10 weeks. Credit counts toward a student’s GPA but does not count toward graduation. Credit can also fulfill immigration or financial-aid requirements.

Some courses are in a unique format where students do part of the class work online and part in the classroom. Please read the course description carefully to determine if the course is a “hybrid” offering. Hybrid courses require consistent and dependable Internet access.

ESLG classes are offered Fall and Spring semester. Classes are held at the International English Center, 1030 13th Street, Boulder, CO, 80302. ESLG class instructors and classrooms are determined at the start of the course.

Please see the ESLG Calendar for current course dates and times.


2-Credit Course (ESLG 1130, 1140, 1210, 1222)

- $595

3-Credit Course (ESLG 1410)

- $892.50

ESLG courses offered Fall 2014

ESLG 1130 - Accent Reduction for Foreign Students

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to reduce the accents of foreign students and to increase intelligibility for success in academic communication. The course includes oral activities surrounding authentic audio material from native speakers and digital self-recording online and externally. Individualized feedback from the American instructor is given on a weekly basis. Student accents are assessed for problem areas and reasonable goals are set for each individual. Teaching assistants (TAs), research assistants (RAs), and other students will improve their fluency and obtain a more native-like accent.  This class is limited to 12 students.

ESLG 1140 - Presentation Skills for International Students

Course Description

This course is a follow-up to ESLG 1130 Accent Reduction for Foreign Students. The course is designed to help non-native English speakers continue to improve classroom oral communication skills necessary for effective classroom participation either as international TAs or RAs, graduate or undergraduate students through more specific attention to communicative functions such as presenting ideas, dealing with classroom expectations, explaining topics, initiating discussion, and eliciting and responding to questions.  This class is limited to 12 students. 

ESLG 1210 - Academic Writing for Foreign Students

Course Description

Writing instruction and practice in this course address the development of paragraphs and full-length papers. Focus areas include organization and style, grammar and vocabulary, and conventions of academic writing, including incorporating the ideas of others and citing sources appropriately. Extensive instructor feedback allows students to become more fluent and more precise in their academic writing.

ESLG 1222 - Advanced Written Composition for Foreign Students

Course Description

This course involves the preparation, writing, and revising of a full-length academic term/research paper or work on chapters for a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation. It features regular practice and instruction in writing academic essays, with extensive instructor feedback. Additional work in organization, grammar, and vocabulary will be included.

ESLG 1410 - Academic English Skills
(3 credits, undergraduate students only)

Course Description

This full-semester course targets undergraduate students for whom a three-credit course is a better fit. It provides instruction and practice to improve academic speaking and writing skills for effective participation in U.S. universities. Speaking includes accent reduction and effective communication through oral activities and recordings. Writing addresses development of paragraphs and full-length papers, including organization, grammar, vocabulary, incorporating ideas of others, and citing sources appropriately. Instructor feedback helps students improve fluency in both speaking and writing. Students receiving credit for ESLG 1410 will not be eligible to take ESLG 1130 or ESLG 1210 for credit.

ESLG Physical Address

International English Center
1030 13th Street
Boulder, CO 80302

ESLG Contact

Patricia Juza, Director
International English Center
University of Colorado at Boulder
63 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0063

Phone: 303-735-3119