Short-Term Language + Culture

2-week short-term program for part-time students with a tourist/business visa (B1/B2) or visa waiver (ESTA)


The Short-Term Language + Culture program is designed for tourists, business visitors, family, and friends who are seeking to improve their English language skills while experiencing the culture and beauty of Boulder. Students seeking the flexibility of part-time study will appreciate the focused 16-hour per week classroom instruction in conversation skills, structure, pronunciation, and U.S. culture. Afternoons are reserved for activities that provide the perfect opportunity for students to practice their English in real situations. Students explore local cultural and historical sites, businesses and non-profits, and recreational facilities. An optional weekend activity can be added to the itinerary for an additional cost. Homestay and hotel options are available for an additional cost.

2019 Program Dates

January 7-18, 2019
March 11-22, 2019
May 13-24, 2019
August 5-16, 2019


US $1000

Tuition includes instruction, materials, and activities.

Housing Options

Homestay: US $560

14 days; breakfast and dinner included.

Hotel: US $700

14 days; double occupancy. Breakfast included.

More Information

Phone: (+1) 303-492-5547

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