• Something that you have never experienced before happens every day. Surrounded by nature in pure air, you will discover new things here. You can participate in exciting events. For example, you can hike up to the Rocky Mountain, go skiing in winter, and go camping in summer. I would recommend this school if you love to be relaxed and improve your English.

    Asuka Ito
  • Since I am a graduate student, I am seeking to strengthen my academic language in order to succeed in graduate school afterwards. I found the IEC is the place to accomplish my goal. The IEC is a great place and I am glad I chose this center from among many other options.The International English Center is an excellent environment to have a great experience and develop strong academic language skills. I am very comfortable here with all these great people; students, teachers and staff. The teachers are highly qualified. I have made a lot of friends here from all over the world and that has helped me to practice my English most of the time. Life here in Boulder is very nice. The public transportation system, beautiful nature, a wide variety of activities and very nice people are all factors that make me love living here in Boulder.

    May Alhazzani
    Saudi Arabia
  • I attended a 4-week intensive English course at the IEC.  All my classes have been outstanding, and were very helpful for me in terms of academic preparation.  

    In addition, the IEC provided me with excellent opportunities to learn American culture through class activities, as well as to make friends with international students from many countries around the world. There is a lot of information and knowledge with regards to this course, but the instructors did an excellent job of pinpointing my weak areas and encouraging me to overcome them. Boulder and the CU campus were a great place to live. I really enjoyed my hike to Audubon peak and my camping trip in West Magnolia.

    Hai Dao
  • I really appreciate the IEC and the...attendance policy. This makes students take the responsibility to learn. The teachers and students are very friendly regardless of culture differences. The IEC is a good place for international students to improve their English proficiency.

    Kwevitoukoui Hounkpati
    Togo, West Africa